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Agile, scalable, and efficient:
3PL solutions for tomorrow's market

NACITA Logistics provides end-to-end logistics solutions that start with import and customs clearance and include packing, transportation, warehousing/storage, and installation/delivery as well as reverse logistics and aftermarket care for a variety of industries.


Our services are optimized to save our clients money, time, and the unnecessary headaches that come with dealing with different service providers.


Why Choose NACITA Logistics?

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Partners not Clients

We develop close long-term, collaborative  relationships with our clients to make sure they always stay ahead of the competition.

Best-in-class technology

From high-tech inventory management software to sophisticated GPS tracking and surveillance systems, we continuously invest in upgrades that ensure optimum services.


We create scalable, tailored logistics solutions for everyone from industrial clients and banks to homeware and spare parts distributors.


We deploy proven controls throughout our operation to guarantee accuracy and make sure your goods maintain their condition from pick-up through storage and delivery.
Our Safety & Quality

Our Safety & Quality Guarantee

At NACITA Logistics, we’ve built our reputation on a rigorous commitment to international quality and safety standards. We understand how important it is for our clients to trust that their goods are in safe hands, and we never compromise on quality.

We continuously optimize our comprehensive safety and security management programs to keep the business running smoothly and guarantee the safety of workers and goods at all times.


Regular maintenance schedules for all equipment and vehicles

Advanced CCTV monitoring systems at all offices and warehouses

24/7 security personnel at all warehouses

Extensive training and vetting of drivers and equipment operators

Fleet GPS tracking capabilities

Company-wide ISO 9001:2015 certification

Effective firefighting systems

Rigorous occupational and industrial safety policies and procedures at all warehouses

Performance indicators at all levels to ensure precision


NACITA Logistics is proud to be the sole agent and importer of record for major international technology brands. Our partners are all providers of critical infrastructure services, and they know they can trust us to lower costs, minimize risks, and deliver excellence on every project. 


since 1976

The #1 global POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and the #1 provider of multi- vendor ATM software, hardware and services.


since 2009

A global pioneer in cloud-based data management solutions.


since 2020

A leading worldwide distributor of solutions for networks & security, electricals & electronics, and utility power.

Whatever your industry, NACITA Logistics has a portfolio of smart solutions designed to add value to your supply chain! 

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Customs clearance



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Technical transportation, installation, and maintenance



NACITA Logistics offers a complete roster of customizable 3PL services that can be precisely tailored to suit the needs of each client and partner.



NACITA Logistics operates several wholly owned warehouses in several locations inside Egypt using more than 10 fully-owned and outsourced stores located in strategic locations around the country with an easy access to ports and markets across Egypt. We also operate an outsourced facility with a total storage area of 60,000, conveniently located for access to the port in Alexandria and to markets in Cairo, the Delta, and Upper Egypt.


Our warehousing facilities are fully equipped for palletized and bulk storage, order picking and fulfillment, cross docking, container storage and handling, and multimodal operations. Because we believe that safety is paramount, all our storage compartments are equipped with CCTV, theft security systems, sprinkler systems, and fire protection.The warehouses are all operated by state-of-the-art technology.

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Technical transportation, installation, and maintenance

NACITA Logistics provides freight solutions that deliver what you need where you want it when you need it. We guarantee:

  • Increased delivery speeds

  • Cost savings

  • Operational efficiency and safety


Thanks to our state-of-the art fleet and our roster of reliable outsourcing partners covered by the NACITA quality guarantee, we provide a range of transportation services:

Technical transportation 


Domestic distribution

Relocation services



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Customs clearance

With over 70 years of import and clearance experience, NACITA Logistics takes the complexity out of customs and offers a one-stop shop for all your needs.

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status guaranteeing simplified customs declarations, transit simplifications, and priority treatment of consignments. 

  • In-house clearance professionals certified by the National Customs Training Institute. 

  • Strict adherence to clearance procedures to avoids unnecessary delay and minimize cost.

  • Streamlined and transparent processes for all commodity types. 

  • Representation in most Egyptian ports of entry and exit.

  • Capacity to handle all types of shipment types including air, sea, and road shipments.


Operational Excellence

Our strategic model brings together a number of elements designed to ensure excellence at all stages of our operation.





Targeted strategic investment

We prioritise

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Order management efficiency 

  • Transportation planning & tracking

  • Process speed & distribution flexibility 

  • Responsiveness to customer demand 

We minimize

  • Delivery queries & complaints

  • Order management & delivery cost

  • Downtime due to equipment or sytstem failure 

Operational Excellence
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