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Nacita Drive is a fintech mobility platform that aims to democratize car ownership and empower people.

Nacita Drive 

More than just car financing...


 The Nacita Drive Vision

The dream of owning a car is unimaginable for most Egyptians. Vehicle prices are high and bank loans are inaccessible for low-income individuals and members of the informal economy without a steady monthly salary.


Nacita Drive makes that dream possible by providing competitive loan packages and financing facilities to a huge segment of the population underserved by the traditional banking sector.

We take pride in creating economic opportunities for people who want a better life. From full-time mobility entrepreneurs to students, retirees, newlyweds, and parents, we help our clients find the financing solutions that work for them.

With affordable financing  from Nacita Drive, our clients can…

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Buy their first car

Upgrade their vehicle or invest in a new one

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Switch to an electric vehicle

Start a transport business

Our Vision
The Nacita Drive Platform

The Nacita Drive Platform

Transforming the auto-financing market with tailored, innovative, hassle-free and data-driven solutions and value added services.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every car buyer. We take the trouble to understand our clients’ needs and develop financing packages that make life easier for them.

For mobility entrepreneurs and ride-sharing drivers

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We provide access to high-quality vehicles on flexible rent or rent-to-own

financing plans.


Our package includes extensive support services and value added perks to help our drivers build their business.

For people who want to upgrade their lifestyle or purchase their first car

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We provide flexible financing plans together with assistance to help sell their used cars and upgrade to a newer model.

Our package includes repair and maintenance with a certified inspection report from NACITA AutoCare and access to Nacita Drive Online Marketplace for Used Cars.

Stack of Tires

Buy Now, Pay Later

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With our customized BNPL packages…

Car Buyers can get their cars and start earning money even before their first loan instalment is due. After only a small initial down-payment – or sometimes even no down-payment at all –  drivers can drive their brand new cars into a brighter future.  

Car Dealers benefit equally since the BNPL model provides access to a much larger pool of potential buyers who would normally not have access to vehicle financing. 

Buy Now, Pay later



Nacita Drive always has its finger on the market pulse. We anticipate needs and develop agile solutions that make lives better. We offer a combination of deep market experience and an ability to harness the latest technology and advances to create innovative products and services.  

Democratizing car ownership

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Adopting electric cars

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Financing the ride-sharing economy

The ability to buy a car opens a world of economic opportunity for the buyer. Our first-to-market fintech mobility platform promotes financial inclusion and allows us to reach segments of the population unreachable through traditional banking channels.


This includes not only people with steady but limited formal income but also members of the informal economy who do not qualify for traditional bank loans.

The future of driving is in electric vehicles, and Nacita Drive aim to be at the forefront of the EV revolution.

With experience in fleet management, automotive maintenance, and the spare parts market through our sister companies NACITA Logistics, NACITA AutoCare, and NACITA Automotive, has the level of market knowledge and agility necessary to be the go-to source of EV financing in the market.

Nacita Drive revolutionized the ride-sharing market not just by providing drivers with innovative rent-to-own financing, but also by providing support and additional benefits. 


Our model has created a community for isolated drivers, increased their earning potential, and improved their overall experience. 

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Our future is in data analytics. We combine data from our deep knowledge of the automotive and ride-share markets, our state-of-the-art fleet and route management systems, and our in-car telematics devices to help us develop our market strategy, understand ride-share drivers’ needs, and optimize our product offerings. 

Helping ride-sharing drivers boost their income!

With years of experience in the ride-sharing business through our partnership with UBER, we combine our grassroots know-how with real-time big data and help our drivers choose the most efficient routes, plan their work schedules, and choose locations designed to maximize earnings and minimize fuel and maintenance costs. 

Data Driven
Value Added


We're not just a loan provider. For us, the car is the entry point. We provide a range of value-added services both in-house and through partners.

A dedicated call center with extensive account management support services

Discounts on regular maintenance at NACITA AutoCare  with 14 service centers across Greater Cairo & Alexandria

Competitive vehicle insurance terms

Vehicle conversion service to natural gas

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Access to micro-loans

For our ride-sharing clients

Our account coordinators provide ongoing coaching, training, and support that help drivers increase their income and manage their costs.


We also understand the isolation of on-demand driving, and we're there to provide a sense of community and collaboration for our drivers.

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 From promotions with ride-sharing apps and insurance providers to micro-loans and secondary income-generating initiatives such as in-car advertisers, our Nacita Drive partner network is designed to enhance or clients'  experience. 

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Financial Opportunities

For an additional fee, drivers have access to a raft of additional perks including free roadside assistance, car accident legal aid, and replacement cars in case of accidents.

VIP Perks

Hassle Free


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Convenience is key in today’s marketplace. Our one-stop-shop model takes the hassle out of buying a car. We take care of everything from negotiating best prices with vendors and insurance providers to handling the contract and licensing steps and even providing service and maintenance through NACITA AutoCare!

Our loan approval process is streamlined and flexible, and we make payments easy with a variety of loan repayment options offered in partnership with nationwide networks.

The Nacita Drive Story

In 2018, Nacita Drive launched Egypt's first Rent-to-Own vehicle solutions program for ride-sharing drivers in partnership with the Ministry of International Cooperation, Uber, Enmaa, and AXA Egypt with funding from the Saudi Fund for Development. 

UBER – A Unique Partnership

The financing program was an extension of NACITA’s successful partnership with UBER. Since 2015, NACITA AutoCare has been providing vehicle inspections for UBER vehicles and has become synonymous with UBER service and maintenance. This experience gave NMS unique insight into the needs and difficulties of ride-sharing drivers.

The Rent-to-Own program was conceived to reduce barriers to entry and streamline the rental/purchase process creating economic opportunities for potential Uber drivers. 

The Future of Auto-Financing

The success of the program prompted Nacita Drive to explore extending auto-financing to other population segments who find it difficult to access financing through traditional loan facilities and banks.


Nacita Drive is also committed to sustainability through a variety of mechanisms including encouraging car conversions to natural gas and laying the groundwork for drivers to switch to electric vehicles once the technology becomes widely available.


In 2021, Nacita Drive obtained initial approval for a Consumer Finance License from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) in a further step towards realizing its goal of democratizing car ownership and empowering people.


Our Partners

With a spectrum of strategic partnerships, Nacita Drive offers many one-of-a-kind promotions to its clients: 

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The NMS Story
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