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NACITA is one of Egypt’s leading providers of automotive, transportation, and logistics services. Founded in 1944 and incorporated in 1986, NACITA provides innovative mobility & logistics solutions for people and goods across Egypt. 


Innovation    Experience    Integrity


State-of-the-art integrated logistics solutions

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Multi-brand one-stop-shop vehicle service centres across Egypt

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Automotive tires & batteries for every budget and vehicle

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Flagship fintech auto-financing platform

For over 70 years, NACITA has been dedicated to being the partner of choice for each of our customers, from global multinationals to small businesses and individuals. No matter how much we grow and diversify, our customers know they can always rely on us for safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable solutions. 


Over the past 20 years, NACITA has diversified from its core business as an automotive parts trading company to become a market leader in logistics and transportation, automotive services, and consumer mobility financing.


Today, NACITA encompasses 4 divisions that evolved organically to fulfill internal needs and went on to become leaders in their respective markets. 



With a retail and car service network across Egypt, state-of-the-art logistics and transportation facilities, and a growing fintech mobility platform, NACITA is the partner of choice for clients seeking a one-stop-shop approach to logistics and mobility services.


We credit our success to our unwavering commitment to exceptional service, ethical business practices, and continuous innovation. Our 4 business lines, Automotive, Logistics, AutoCare, and Mobility Solutions, complement each other, providing value-added synergy our competitors lack.




We believe that principles matter. Our long-term value proposition is built on a steadfast commitment to a customer-driven, ethical service culture based on our core values. This is what allows us to grow and thrive no matter how much the market changes around us. 



We stand firm in our commitment to the highest standard of business ethics, transparency, and accountability.


We excel in spotting market opportunities and developing smart ways to tackle challenges.


We reinvent industries and continuously try to shape how the future can meet our customers’ needs.


We constantly seek to maintain and improve the safety of our workplaces and operations.


We always aim high, meeting and often exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of reliability, quality, and speed.


We always listen to our suppliers, customers, and employees; no issue is unimportant to us.


Making the NACITA name and business ethics synonymous with automotive products, services, financing, and logistics across Egypt and the region. 


Becoming the partner of choice for all our clients, customers, and stakeholders—from the most junior employees to the foremost multinational brands—by always providing exceptional service built on  experience, integrity, and commitment to innovation. 




The National Agriculture Chemical Industrial Trading Agency (NACITA) is established as a trading company with multiple fields of interest. 


NACITA is incorporated as a shareholding company.


NACITA Logistics is launched


NACITA undergoes further restructuring, organizing its business lines into three distinct subsidiaries: Automotive, AutoCare and Logistics.


NACITA obtains ISO 9001 certification.

NACITA launches its partnership with UBER.


NACITA Mobility Solutions (NMS) is launched as a rent-to-own vehicle financing facility for ride-hailing drivers.


NACITA Mobility Solutions obtains initial approval for a Consumer Finance License from the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA).


NACITA becomes the sole Egyptian agent for NCR.


NACITA becomes an authorized economic operator (AEO)


NACITA  becomes the sole Egyptian agent for Teradata.


The first NACITA AutoCare branch is established in Obour City.


NACITA Logistics launches its E2 warehouse in 6th of October City.


NACITA becomes the importer of record for Anixter.



Dr. Naguib Abadir

Chairman & CEO

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Dr. Amr Abdel-Kawi

Board Member & Consultant


Karim Abadir

Vice President of NACITA and CEO of NACITA Mobility Solutions


Shahira Abadir

Non-executive Board Member 



No matter how much we grow, we never forget that our company has responsibilities to many stakeholders: investors, employees, partners, customers, local communities, and global society. We take this responsibility seriously with several programs that prioritize sustainability.


Throughout our operation, we apply stringent disposal procedures for hazardous material and waste and encourage resource conservation and recycling wherever possible.


We use analytics and big data to optimize our delivery routes, thereby minimizing the carbon footprint of our transportation fleet. Our warehouses are designed to be ‘green’ with optimized energy efficiency and materials and waste handling procedures.

On an external level, we provide natural gas car conversion services as a means of reducing emissions. We are also laying the groundwork for drivers to switch to electric vehicles once the technology becomes widely available.


Giving back to the community is key to creating a more equitable world. At NACITA, we’ve chosen to use our automotive expertise in making the roads safer for all Egyptians. We believe this is of utmost importance in a country with a high road fatality and accident rate, often the result of poorly maintained vehicles and tires.


We regularly participate in and sponsor road safety initiatives as well as joint campaigns with other companies such as UBER and AXA to promote the importance of regular vehicle maintenance to saving lives.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability throughout our operations. Our reputation has helped us maintain our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status and has consistently placed us on the ‘green list’ with Egyptian customs.


Internally, we place a high value on our employees’ health and safety and adhere strictly to Egyptian labor laws as part of our belief in the intrinsic right of every human to a secure and equitable working environment.


We promote diversity and inclusion, and despite working in traditionally male-dominated spheres, we are exceedingly proud of our efforts to promote women in the workplace.